A fantastic World Championship for the breeding of Vivildgård.

Vigdis and Hans-Christian won the bronze medal in T.1 with a score of 8.45 and Eldjàrn and Hans-Christian made a fantastic show saturday evening. We are so proud and happy of Vigdis, Eldjàrn and Hans-Christian’s performance at the world championship. We would like to thank everyone that supported us:

Anne Sofie Jensen and Anne Kathrine Carlsen for your warm welcome home to us, Eldjàrn and Vigdis.
All the people who had cheered on us from the tribunes.
All the people that wished us good luck and wrote greetings and congratulations to us.
Rune Svendsen for his great help and support at the event.
The danish teamleaders, that have been working a lot for the riders at the event.
Our sponsors Hilbar reitsport and Ipea Ihnen for your support all the way.

Vigdís fra Vivildgård: Danmarksmester i T.1 og bronzemedaljevinder ved verdensmesterskaberne 2019 i Berlin

Vigdis i træningen ved VM i Berlin