NM 2018 Sverige

Great succes for our breeding at the Nordic Championship in Sweden

What a great experience for our horses and riders. Margaretehof was a perfect location for such an event.

Our homebreed horses did a fantastic job to this tournament.

Vigdis fra Vivildgård and Hans-Christian Løwe was fantastic in the T.1 preliminary and with not less than a mark of 7.93 they were going directly into the A-final as nr. 4. In this fantastic final with ome of the worlds best tölt horses she did an even better performance and ended up with a score of 8.17 and the 5th position.


Dröfn fra HCL- Hestar and Sigrid Bisgaard Amstrup was participating in V.1 YR and together they ended up with there highest score this year with the mark 6.60 and qualified for the B-final. Dröfn and Sigrid was also very good in the T.1 YR preliminary and got not less than 7.00 and a spot into the a-final, she ended up in 5th place.

We are very proud to have gotten the opportunity to show our breeding at such a great event, and to be part of Danish team.

Til Nordisk mesterskab i Sverige 2018 er vores avl repræsenteret med ikke mindre end to hopper.

Hans-Christian Løwe og Vigdis fra Vivildgård i T.1 og 4.1

M: Völva fra Rosenlund

F: Garri fra Reykjavik


Sigrid Bisgård Amstrup og Dröfn fra HCL- Hestar i T.1 YR og 4.1 YR

M: Brenna fra Helgasstödum 

F: Kiljan fra Blesastödum 1A

Vi ser frem til at følge dem i de røde jakker i Sverige


Hans-Christian Løwe og Vigdís fra Vivildgård og Sigrid Bisgaard Amstrup og Dröfn er udtaget til det danske landshold ved nordisk mesterskab i Sverige